Gold Cow Milk Powder

Gold Cow Milk Powder Australia, develops and manufactures premium,
affordable and unique dairy products for the global export market.

Australian Infant Formula

We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality infant formula products for the Australian and international markets.

Our business is grounded in our values – our passion, commitment and energy for quality premium products. Our expertise is based on decades of industry knowledge and experience.

Goldcow Infant Formula

Since 1980 we have been involved in manufacturing of ice cream, yoghurt and milk powder ingredients. We are committed to growing the Australian dairy industry.

Gold Cow Australia was founded in 2009 after identifying a strong demand from China and other countries in our region.

For families where breast-feeding is not possible or is impractical, our infant formula provides a safe high quality alternative.

Quality is our focus – protecting the health of our most important customers – the children. We compete on quality, not price, so when customers buy our product they can be assured that they are getting the highest quality available supported by the Australian Government.

Gold Cow Australia has built strong business relationships with independent local manufacturing plants, farmers and dairies to ensure premium quality ingredients and continuity of supply.

Presently specialising in the supply of infant formula to the Asian markets in particular China. We offer a number of options to these markets.

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